The Green Man Gourmet

You know we like to talk about wine and we definitely love to drink wine, but what's also true is that wine forms part of a much bigger overall experience. Many wine lovers can crystallise a wine moment, that defining experience of a glorious wine, with the perfect food, in the best company. It's very much a multi-dimensional experience. At Green Man, we rarely discuss a wine amongst ourselves or with customers, without talking about a perfect food pairing and it's usually based on what we have recently enjoyed.

Consequently, we thought we'd share some of our favourites with you. Every few weeks we'll give you 5 perfectly formed food and wine pairings to inspire you to get curious in the kitchen! The pairings are mostly the outputs from the Tuesday brain-drain, when we bounce into work after the weekend, brimming with stories of our weekend experiences, which are usually food and wine related! The first question we ask of each other is what was eaten or imbibed over the weekend, and we find ourselves going quickly down a rabbit hole about how things were prepared, cooked and eaten. We're a bit obsessed with food and wine, although we try to be abstemious with alcohol a couple of days a week.

We don't mind that, in fact, it adds to the anticipation of the post mid-week-hump dining event! Let us know if you try any of the pairings and send us any pictures! Don't forget to tag us on social media - we're on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!
The first 5 recipes are firm favourites amongst the team, and our go-to recipes for an easy, delicious meal. All are tried and tested at home or on team nights out with their wine pairings... bon appetit!