It started as a story about wine and it's still a story about wine. The Green Man Wines name sums up the a multi-faceted experience. The green man is a cheeky reference to the pedestrian traffic lights at our door and green is a positive, can-do and dynamic colour. It also represents our philosophy about sustainability in business and sourcing wines that are sustainably produced, following organic, biodynamic or natural wine making practices.

The man is David - he's at the heart of this business and is an indelible part of this community. The reference to wines is easy - wine is simply what we do and what we're about. Wine is our passion and our motivation - discovering new wines, understanding their make-up, the people behind them, the philosophy, the dream that brought them from grape to bottle.

We love to learn the stories and share them and we'll nearly always talk about food, when talking about wine. The experience is everything! Welcome to Green Man Wines Become part of our wine community - sign up today

Meet The Team

David Gallagher

If we are the wheels on the bike of Green Man Wines, then David is the central cog. Without Dave, it's green wines, without the man. It is David's vision that inspires us and drives us forward, and his energy for change and giving something a try makes everybody a bit braver in their work. Dave can cook and loves to cook - we're lucky enough to occasionally get lunch plonked down on the centre table, often a Mediterranean-inspired dish, on one big plate with 6 forks. It makes us feel like we're working the harvest in a vineyard and reminds us of the indelible connection of food, wine, friendship and laughter. He never fails to open a bottle of wine that he's been meaning to taste, so we can all decide whether or not to list it (in fact, there are quite a few wines on our shelves that won their listings over a communal lunch!). All of our suppliers love David - he will help anybody out and give anything a go, and if it works for us then everyone's happy!

Luke Byrne

Almost 10 years ago Luke's first foray into the wine world was getting a glamorous job washing dishes to fuel his playboy lifestyle. After quickly becoming disillusioned with suds and being yelled at, Luke became completely enamoured by the world of wine. He thrust himself head first into, what he calls, a vino vortex, with his brain empty and his mouth open. He quickly became obsessed with the noble juice.  "It's literally the only thing I am into,my only passion, my appearance and personal hygiene have completely fallen by the wayside". When he is not frolicking in the meadows or climbing trees, you can find him in Green Man jabbering about wine

Bryce Bateman

Bryce is the undisputed Queen of Green Man Wines - regal and proud! And he loves, LOVES rosé. He's the artist of the team and the man responsible for the brilliant window drawings and displays. A native of Perth in Australia, he provides much comic relief with his naturally funny disposition. He isn't a bit shy, makes valiant attempts to phonetically pronounce both Irish and French words (to great merriment) and is the King of the kitchen. (Yes, he sits on both thrones, there's little debate about that!). Bryce mans the Green Man Larder, as well as our fridges, and he creates distracting displays of precisely cut and beautifully presented charcuterie, cheese, pesto, hummus and all the tasty sides. If you end up buying way more goodies than you had intended, because you just couldn't resist, well that's down to Bryce. He's effervescent, naturally curious and loves to learn through tasting and talking. Bryce won't hesitate to recommend you something that he loves, if he can resist recommending you a rosé. (Did we mention he loves rosé?) and he's another foodie, so don't forget to ask about what to eat with it (if you haven't already weighed yourself down with cheese and charcuterie!)"

Saileog Lally

With Saileog comes energy and cheerfulness with which the whole team feed off. She's passionate about the environment too, so was a natural fit for Green Man Wines. Saileog has a deep wine knowledge, which she loves to share. A native of Dublin, but with family roots in the West of Ireland, her adventure with wine began with a WSET course, the aim being to learn a little bit about the world of wine. What she hadn't anticipated was how the world of wine would change hers for the better. Wine captured her curiosity and she couldn't help but allow it to consume her. Initially she worked in restaurants from the remote world of Inis Meáin to the hustle of London city, where her enthusiasm for food and home cooking continued to grow, alongside her grá for the vine. Saileog replanted her roots in Dublin in 2013 and furthered her experience in wine by working in both wholesale and retail. You'll no doubt hear her describing wines, regions and potential food pairings with some enthusiastic hand and arm gestures, a new skill acquired during Lockdown, when facial expressions became hidden behind a mask.