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Corpinnat Sparkling Wines
The wine world is constantly evolving and one of the most recent examples of this is the creation of the wine label "Corpinnat". This being the outcome from a group of passionate wine makers (11 of them) in the Penedes region in Spain.
Corpinnat is a label that distinguishes itself from Cava, in the sense that it sets itself higher and stricter standards of production. Vines must be certified organic, indigenous varieties must be used and solely from 2030 onwards, hand harvesting (no machines), wine making only at the property of the producer, longer ageing before release (minimum 18 months).
These principles of vine cultivation and sparkling wine production has meant that there are outstanding wines to be experienced. All of the wines will rival some Champagne houses out there, but at a much more approachable price point.
Pop your cork on Corpinnat ;)

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