It started as a story about wine and it's still a story about wine. The Green Man Wines name sums up the a multi-faceted experience. The green man is a cheeky reference to the pedestrian traffic lights at our door and green is a positive, can-do and dynamic colour.

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Green Man Wines

Mixed Cases

The GMW team has created different wine collections, so you don’t have to! Choose from our selection of cases and enjoy a journey of wine discovery.


Embark on a journey of wine discovery with the team at Green Man Wines.

A subscription to our Wine Club is the perfect gift for somebody special or for yourself. On the second Friday of each month*, members will receive 3 unique wines, thoughtfully curated by the team, which will focus on a different region, producer or theme. There’ll be a full pack of tasting notes on each of the wines to give the story of the who, why, how and where behind the bottle.

Green Man Wines

Wine and Food Pairings

At Green Man Wines, most of our conversations are around food and wine - what we ate yesterday, what we drank with it and how sublime it was, or wasn't!

Either way, we love food and we are passionate about wine and we love to share our food and wine experiences with our wine community. We invite you into our chats by sharing some of our favourite food and wine pairings here with you! You will find handy references for simple pairings, to help you make the right choice for your meal.

Discover Great Wine and Food Pairings