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Jeff Couteleou
Jean François Coutelou (Jeff for short) runs his family’s domaine located in Puimisson, a vibrant Languedoc village, basking in the embrace of its sun-kissed Mediterranean climate.
Imagine the symphony that unfolds as the southern winds, carrying the salty whispers of the sea, mingle with the air, infusing it with a touch of delightful humidity. And from the north, majestic mountains bestow their refreshing breath upon the land, a cool embrace that invigorates the senses.
Back in 1987, when the world was very much less environmentally consciousness, the Domaine took a courageous stand. It boldly embraced organic practices, pioneering a path that showcased the boundless possibilities of vine cultivation without the use of harmful chemicals.
Before this move toward sustainability, the Domaine sprawled over more than 20 hectares (as a monoculture), yielding a generous harvest of 1800 hectoliters each year. Fast forward to today, the estate has transformed, with a modest 13 hectares under vine (the rest dedicated to olives, almonds and figs) it continues to craft exceptional wines, now producing an average of 500 hectoliters annually.
Jeff Coutelou is one of the founding fathers of the contemporary natural wine movement (along with Ganevat and Foillard) – although he’s far too modest to admit it. So, join me in an adventure to Mas Coutelou and explore the remarkable wines.

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